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Drive it!: The Motor Magazine
Tiger in the tank - the new Porsche Macan is an SUV with a sportscar performance. Style rebel - Mercedes has high hopes for the CLA, but cannot meet them all. Plus: Vintage flop - The Ford Edsel from the late 1950s was the most embarrassing car in the makers history.Present it! Porsche MacanThe Macan is Porsche's new compact SUV. Macan means 'tiger' in Indonesian, and like big cats the car is powerful, but controlled. The Cayenne's little brother is sporty, as well as capable on rough terrain. We put the diesel-powered Macan S through its paces.Picture it! The latest fuel-saving innovations from BMWBMW has a wide range of new concepts for boosting efficiency: from lightweight construction to smart energy management and laser-powered lights that shine twice as far but use 30% less energy.Test it! Mercedes CLAMercedes wants to freshen up its image with the new CLA. It's supposed to be a car for younger people, with a price that is more accessible than most of its models. They are calling it a style rebel, so we tested it out to see if it has the credentials to back up that claim.Inside it! Seat-belt safety testingNot all drivers buckle up for every trip. When it comes to short, low-speed trips around the block, many think seat-belts are superfluous. Nonchalance or negligence? We find some volunteers to play crash-test dummy drivers at just 8 km/h. They find out just how crucial belts are - and that safety precautions by no means end there.Vintage: The Ford EdselThe Edsel is notorious as the biggest flop in Ford's history. In the early 1950s, demand was high for what was then regarded as mid-range cars. So Ford decided to go all out and take the market by storm with a radical new design. But even more radical was the public's reaction - especially from women.
Running time: 11:06