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Drive it!: The Motor Magazine
In this edition: The North American International Auto Show - into the new year at top gear. Mazda 3 - a real contender in the compact car segment. Plus: a trip back in time - with an Opel 8/25 from 1919.Taste it! NAIAS - North American International Auto Show 2014The North American International Auto Show, or NAIAS, is the first major auto trade fair of the year, and many of the world's biggest car companies are taking the opportunity to show off their new designs. Germany is especially well represented.Mercedes its new C-Class, Audi is showing off a new concept car and BMW will be on hand with the M3 and M4. Volkswagen and Porsche designs also have some new tricks up their sleeves. Examine it! Dark clothing for pedestriansWinter conditions are challenging enough for drivers - and particularly dangerous for pedestrians wearing dark clothes. Many accident fatalities result from people on the street simply not being visible.There are a number of affordable solutions on the market, however, including reflective strips. We team up with the police and three civilian drivers to demonstrate the dark side of road safety. Test it! The Mazda 3At the end of the 1960s, Barcelona’s Circuit de Montjuïc hosted the Formula One World Championship race. And even though the Mazda 3 is not a race car, our car tester Constantin Beims took the opportunity to check out the sporty five-door’s moves on the track in the Catalonian city. He put the most popular variant of the Mazda 3 through its paces.Vintage! Opel ClassicLights up for the biggest collection of Opels in the world! The Opel Classic Museum has over 50 vintage beauties on show: from pre-war models to single-edition concepts and cult classics from the 1950s. Many of them are still good to drive. The Opel 8/25 with 28 horsepower was the first car to go into production at Opel after the First World War.
Running time: 14:54