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Drive it!: The Motor Magazine
A remarkably quiet Porsche - the Panamera S E-Hybrid takes electric power a step further. Beware of used car swindlers - Why you can't always trust the mileage. Plus: The all-purpose car - Volkswagen's Cross Caddy is the car for every job. But is it worth the money?Present it! Porsche Panamera S E-HybridWith the second generation of the Panamera, Porsche has made major improvements to its plug-in hybrid. The battery can be charged using a regular electrical socket, and stores five times as much power as its predecessor. In pure electric mode the car has a range of 36 km -- whereas the previous hybrid managed just two!Examine it! Odometer FraudTampering with a car's mileage is big business. The trick has become cheaper and easier to pull off in recent years. Knocking kilometers off the clock can add thousands to a car's value, but manufacturers show little interest in using more secure odometers. Another solution is registering mileage on a central database, but that hasn't taken off in Germany.Test it! VW Cross CaddyThe Caddy started life as a utility vehicle, but it quickly became popular among families. Volkswagen saw their chance and have now released a sportier version - the Cross Caddy. With four-wheel drive it's a better driving experience, but is the new model worth the high price?Spot it! Sea to Sky - Enduro RaceKemer is a beautiful seaside resort in southwest Turkey - but once a year hosts the thrills and spills of the "Sea to Sky" extreme enduro race. The riders face a grueling route taking them from the beach to a mountain top. Man and machine have to overcome seemingly impassable obstacles, and also their own limits.Vintage: Lamborghini JalpaThe Lamborghini Jalpa may not be a classic beauty, but its design is uncompromising and shamelessly Italian. The exterior is distinguished by its flared fenders and a wedge-shaped body. With a top speed of 240 km/h the Jalpa was among the fastest cars around in the early 1980s. It was also the last V8-powered sports car built by Lamborghini.
Running time: 19:37