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Drive it!: The Motor Magazine
This week's edition of "Drive it" takes a look at some new and some classic sports cars -- and shows you how a top German automaker is gearing up for the future.Present it! The Citroën C4 PicassoCitroën is taking a calculated risk with the design of the second-generation of the C4 multi-purpose vehicle. For example, the front end and the headlights have a completely new look. And the interior design of the new C4 is more practical. We'll explore the C4 from top to bottom.Picture it! The Audi Future Lab: Engines of the FutureBy 2012, a fleet of electrically-powered Audi A1 e-trons had already racked up 50,000 kilometers during a test program in Munich. Now, Audi has moved on to the second stage of its development program: the A3 Sportback g-tron -- another step forward in the evolution of sustainable mobility.Test it! Porsche CaymanIt's the newest model of the car that's known to some as the 911's little brother. And it features a few design changes -- including fuel-saving technology that decouples the engine and transmission automatically during periods of slack throttle. And the new Cayman handles the curves better than you might imagine. We take the Cayman S out on the road, and put it through its paces.Examine it! Road Safety: Open Lanes for Emergency VehiclesAccidents on the freeway often lead to major traffic jams -- and that means the police and ambulances can't get to the scene. "Drive it" shows you how Germany is working to develop open lanes for emergency vehicles -- a move that could save lives. The Swiss have had this system in place for a long time, and it was introduced last year in Austria.
Running time: 17:52