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Drive it!: The Motor Magazine
The new Fiesta hits the road: Ford releases the latest of its compact classics. We take the new Land Rover Evoque through the early spring snows of northern Europe. The Citroen DS3 convertible harkens back to the classic days of the 2CV. Repair kits are readily available to motorists, but are they worth it? And Drive it takes a spin in that most iconic of classic German cars, the BMW 328.Present it! The Ford Fiesta STFord has brought out a sports car version of its compact Fiesta. It’s powerful, has good road feel, hugs curves, and is even fuel-efficient. And on top of everything - it’s less expensive than its closest competition.Test it: The Range Rover EvoqueWith spring refusing to show its face in much of Europe, many drivers are relying on their four-wheel SUVs to help them battle through the snow. But can a smaller model hold up to its larger counterparts? Drive it puts the Range Rover Evoque to the test.Taste it! The Citroen DS3 ConvertibleCitroen have brought out their first open top car since the 2CV. But does this car really live up to its "convertible" branding? We take it out into the springtime snow in Europe to see what it's made of. The result: well, it certainly has flair...Examine It! Drive it tests repair kitsAre budget repair kits worth the time and money? No! Drive it takes a close look at three market items and puts them through their paces.Vintage: BMW 328You might take it for a classic English roadster, but this classy convertible built at the end of the 1930s is Bavarian: the BMW 328, a real milestone of automotive history. The 328 is great fun to drive. Its power and handling belie its prewar vintage. Only 464 were built - and most of them were driven on racetracks, where they cornered the market in trophies.
Running time: 16:36