Deer Crossing

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Deer Crossing
The film centers around retired police detective Derrick Stanswood (Mann), who is called by a successful doctor about an unsolved case involving his wife Maggy (Cottrel) and their son, Cole (newcomer Kevin Fennell). Chasing after loose ends in a backward rural town, Derrick has no idea that Maggy has been held captive for the past eight years by farmer Lukas Walton (K.J. Linhein, "Jebediah"), who is raising Cole as his own son in a wrongful world that holds its own horrors.
Release date: 2013
Running time: 01:45:28
IMDB rating: 3.3/10
Directed by: Christian Grillo
Stars: Christopher Mann , Laura L. Cottrel , K.J. Linhein
Story by: Christian Grillo


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Deer Crossing
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