Billys Cult

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Billys Cult
Billys Cult takes us into the demented mind of Billy, (Donovan Kern) a ruthless killer unlike any other seen before. Born out of sin, Billy is given up at a young age for adoption by his mother Lenore Kingsley (Susan Campanaro). He grows up wanting revenge on his mother, and biological father, a Roman Catholic priest, Father Allen Perry (Anthony Grasso.) Meanwhile, Detectives Gates (Lou Martini Jr.) and Steele (Debbie Rochon) are in pursuit of this killer, trying to put an end to the killing spree, while at the same time, attempting to exorcise their own inner demons. Billys Cult is nothing youve ever witnessed and in short, will scare the hell out of you.
Release date: 2014
Running time: 01:28:31
IMDB rating: 5.2/10
Directed by: Michael P. Lucas
Stars: Debbie Rochon , Lou Martini Jr. , Susan Campanaro
Story by: Michael P. Lucas , Scott R. Weston


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