Best Vine Compilation April 2014 #1

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Best Vine Compilation April 2014 #1
Best Vines Compilation April 2014 first part is here! Check out the best vines of Jack&Jack here: LIKE & SHARE if you loved the video Some awesome things you could do to make your life more awesome: Like Our Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Check out these awesome viners: 1.People don't value your things as much as you do vine by:KingBach 2. Where's my money?! vine by: KingBach 3. The Translator vine by: Alx James 4. When you think you're home alone, but you're not... vine by: Alexander Holtti 5. How you feel when your teacher licks the paper before giving it to you vine by: Saleh Ali 6. You can't get me on April Fools. vine by: KingBach 7. Don't ya hate the spinny wheel of death! vine by: Zach King 8. You turn the knob in a hotel shower 1 left or right it goes from Antarctica to lucifer's ball sack vine by: The Zac Mamba 9. Light skin selfie tutorial vine by: KingBach 10. When your favorite song is on the radio.. vine by: Alexander Holtti 11. Do what you want with my body vine by: Saleh Ali 12. How people try to get extra insurance money during Natural Disasters vine by:KingBach 13. All you have to do to make the popular page is make slow motion videos.. vine by: The Zac Mamba 14. When I bring home da bacon! vine by: Zach king 15. Robbery Fail vine by: KingBach
Running time: 01:48