Another Kind

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Another Kind
What begins a casual snowshoeing expedition, turns into an unspeakable disaster for a group of unprepared hikers. Deep into the snowy Catskills the group suddenly discovers they have no map coupled with the mysterious disappearance of their hiking poles. The cold nights reverberate with eery feelings among the campers and the apparent sound of frightening footsteps outside their tents. In total fear and desperation to bring the harrowing jaunt to an end, the hikers also discover that their GPS device indicates theyre in New Mexico and not the Catskill Mountains! Frantic and fear turns a 27-mile hike into a nightmare of ANOTHER KIND.
Release date: 2012
Running time: 01:16:16
IMDB rating: 5.0/10
Directed by: Jonathan Blitstein
Stars: Jamie Law , Nate Miller , Laura Ramadei
Story by: Jonathan Blitstein


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