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Toon Goggles joins Flipps with free children’s programming

Great news! We’ve teamed up with Toon Goggles to bring Flipps viewers access to over 100 series of premium family entertainment.

Toon Goggles is a children’s online video portal offering a wide variety of parent-friendly and kid-safe cartoons. With categories ranging from Comedy to Action, Preschool to Educational, and content specifically for boys and girls, Toon Goggles allows children to quickly find new cartoons and stay entertained for hours on end. Shows are available to stream any time of the day so they will never have to wait for their favorites again.

As part of the partnership, Toon Goggles favorites like Bernard, Mouse in the House, Canimals and Eon Kid are now available on the Flipps app. Kids can easily choose the show they want to watch and stream it on any TV in the house.

“In our quest to ensure tech savvy children and parents have access to our great content on the most innovative platforms, it was only natural for Toon Goggles to align itself with Flipps thus allowing viewers to easily ‘flip’ content to larger screens for more enjoyment. Kudos to the great team of engineers at Flipps that worked hard to bring the Toon Goggles channel to its millions of users,” said Stephen Hodge, Managing Director of Toon Goggles and Father.

We think families should be able to watch what they want, whenever they want on the big screen TV, without complicated setup or extra hardware. The Flipps/Toon Goggles partnership is certainly a big step in the direction of a cordless future for family friendly programming and we’re thrilled to be a part of it.

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