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‘The Affair’ Series Premiere Streams on Flipps Before Airing on Showtime

In collaboration with Showtime, Flipps is thrilled to present the series premiere of the most anticipated show of the season – The Affair. The sizzling new drama premieres this Sunday, October 12 at 10PM on Showtime. But for those of you who can’t wait till the weekend, the pilot is available for streaming on TV, free – with the Flipps app.

The Affair tells the story of a complicated and emotionally-charged extramarital affair between Noah (Dominic West), a teacher, and Alison (Ruth Wilson), a married waitress. The show, which focuses on the couple’s time apart and their time together, is told in flashbacks that they recount separately to an investigator who is examining a (yet unrevealed) crime. The shifting perspectives reveal how two people can see the same events in vastly different ways.

Watch the drama unfold now in this provocative new series. Stream The Affair on the big-screen TV, free from the Showtime Series channel.

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The Affair on Flipps