iMediaShare is now Flipps


Hi there,We’ve got big news! iMediaShare is now Flipps. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s changing and what’s staying the same.

What is a flip?A flip is an online video (think movie, National Geographic, Vimeo, CNN) that lands on your TV screen at the push of a button. Leave the TV remote aside. Your favorite online content is at your fingertips and ready to stream on any connected TV.

What’s new?Flipps comes with an entirely redesigned, sleek interface to showcase the ever-expanding channel library. We’ve streamlined the setup process for many devices making it virtually effortless to connect in seconds. In the channel list, you’ll see plenty of new additions in movies, news, and other content. Stay on the lookout for more channels in the coming weeks!
Where are my videos?You’ll see that local files can no longer be played in Flipps. Not to worry! Your personal photos and videos can still be found in the iMediaShare Personal app, available free in the Google Play and Apple App stores.
Why doesn’t my TV discover Flipps?If you browsed iMediaShare content directly from your connected device (instead of your phone), you will no longer be able to do so with Flipps. Sadly, this kind of playback does not provide a complete and uninterrupted

streaming experience. As usual, you’ll still be able to browse via the TV or device with the iMediaShare Personal app.

Why is my PS3 not supported anymore?Unfortunately Flipps does not support PS3 because we’re unable to give you a seamless remote-free experience due to Sony limitations. You can still use iMediaShare Personal with PS3 and your PS3 controller. Help us provide full PS3 support by asking Sony to implement a DLNA DMR specification the way Microsoft’s Xbox did several months back.
Thank you for your continued support and understanding through the transition process. Questions, comments, concerns? Let us know!

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