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Flipps is a unique over-the-top TV distribution platform for long- and short-form video content. Your content is accessible on over 5,000 models of TVs and set-top boxes from the Flipps mobile app — an install based of 250M supported TV screens globally.

  • Make your content easily accessible on millions of TVs worldwide.
  • Monetize your content through flexible advertising and pay-per-view options.
  • Maintain full control of branding, and content distribution.
  • Ensure your digital content is on the big TV screen instead of next to user-generated videos on the web.
  • Transform your existing video archives into beautiful TV channels for viewers worldwide to enjoy.
  • Reach new audiences and build brand awareness through a unique distribution channel.

“Very interesting product, that improves the end-user experience in the ubiquitious ecosystem of (mobile) home entertainment devices and creates a plug-and-play-ish experience.”

Gianluigi Cuccureddu, The Business Insider

“Our partnership with Flipps represents our ongoing commitment to broadening the reach of our customers’ content across a range of platforms and environments.”

Josh Cohen, VP Content Licensing and Distribution, PR Newswire

“Working with a company as innovative as Flipps provides us with a great opportunity to expand into new areas of business.”

Petra Schneider, Director of Distribution, Deutsche Welle


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“Watch on TV” enables your users to wirelessly stream online videos from your website to any HDTV via Flipps. Simple to use and easy to install, it provides push-to-TV service and encourages your audience to consume more of your video content.

Enabled in HTML5 it can easily be plugged into your existing website with just a line of code. Read here for how to integrate with a video website.

The “Watch on TV” button will be visible to users accessing your website through a mobile browser. The button will be hidden if they open the page on a PC/Mac browser.

To see how it works, open this page on your mobile browser.

Get “Watch on TV” Button Code

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