About Us

At Flipps, we love TV. Nothing beats the big screen experience when you sink into the couch with a favorite movie or show. We also love our phones with their brilliant touch screens and access to worlds of amazing entertainment.

That’s why we created the Flipps mobile app for fellow entertainment enthusiasts to easily discover and project unique content onto a TV using only their smartphone. Flipps turns your phone into a magic wand of entertainment. Forget confusing cables, media boxes or dongles. All you need is your phone and a connected TV to find and zap movies, music videos and more to the big screen.

Flipps’ patented technology works with 250 million connected TVs and 5,000 manufacturer models. That’s why Flipps is the ultimate scalable mobile-to-TV delivery platform. In other words, Flipps is pretty awesome.

And for combat sports fans and practitioners out there Flipps launched a dedicated service called FITE TV so everyone around the world can enjoy tonight’s fights live on the biggest screen in the house.

To discover latest news, cool videos and free movies, check out our Flipps mobile app.

To get a front-row seat to combat sports actions, wherever you are in the world, check out FITE.tv or download the free FITE app and stream all the action to your TV

Flipps is funded by Earlybird Venture Capital, Tim Draper, LAUNCHub, and Aslanoba Capital.

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