July 2015

Pranks, Bloopers, Hidden Cameras Galore – It’s Pop Corn TV on Flipps

Get the family together because we’ve got exciting news to share. Flipps teamed up with Novovision, the world’s largest provider of funny clips, to bring hilarious videos, bloopers, hidden camera pranks and more to your TV screen.

Novovision was founded in 2002 and has amassed a catalogue of 70,000 clips. It now boasts 450 hours of HD content including short clip segments and 26-minute shows available for viewing in 145 countries on a variety of platforms. Novovision provides wholesome family content in bite-sized form, without any dialogue.


Enjoy ‘Pop Corn TV,’ Novovision’s leading family oriented program watched by 900 million viewers around the globe, or cheer up the little ones with a compilation of home videos, candid camera clips and bloopers on ‘Pop Kids.’

Download the Flipps app on your iOS or Android device and stream all things funny onto your big screen TV. You can find the ‘Pop Corn TV’ channel in the Laughs section on Flipps, and ‘Pop Kids’ in the Kids section.

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Flipps picks up Magnolia documentaries and independent films

Updates updates! There’s nothing quite like good movies in the summer time. Magnolia Pictures, the premiere VOD/theatrical indie film distributor, just joined the Flipps family! That means Golden-Globe nominated, Sundance-winning movies will now stream on your phone or tablet or the big-screen TV in seconds.

Magnolia Pictures is the home entertainment distribution arm of the Wagner/Cuban Companies, a group of media properties co-owned by Todd Wagner and Mark Cuban that also includes the Landmark Theatres chain and AXS TV. Formed in 2001, Magnolia’s releases have included the Academy Award nominated documentaries ‘Enron: Smartest Guys in the Room,’ ‘Capturing the Friedmans,’ the groundbreaking ‘Bubble’ by Steven Soderbergh, and numerous other successes: ‘Ong Bak,’ ‘District B13,’ ‘Pulse,’ ‘Keane,’ ‘The World’s Fastest Indian,’ ‘Woman Thou Art Loosed,’ ‘Read My Lips,’ ‘Late Marriage,’ and the 2006 Oscar Nominated Shorts.


Download the Flipps app to watch cinematic blockbusters, unique independent movies, fascinating documentaries and more, for less than the price of a cup of coffee. Yes, really.

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Watch the Season 3 premieres of ‘Ray Donovan’ and ‘Masters of Sex’ before they air on Showtime

Showtime staples, ‘Ray Donovan’ and ‘Masters of Sex’ have been on hiatus since September, but the wait is over. Flipps is excited to present the full third season premieres of both critically-acclaimed hit drama series ahead of their scheduled TV debut.

Season 3 of ‘Ray Donovan’ starts off with the titular fixer adrift from his family and those closest to him while he focuses on his business in hopes of becoming his own boss. Meanwhile, Ray’s father, Mickey, finds himself charting a similar course to build his own empire. Joining the show this season are guest stars Ian McShane, Katie Holmes and Elliott Gould.


Taking place in 1966, the third season of ‘Masters of Sex’ follows Masters and Johnson dealing with national spotlight as their sex study is finally unveiled. The duo flash back to summer vacation where Bill is finishing their book, Virginia faces parenting struggles, and Libby is pulling herself out of depression.


‘Ray Donovan’ is set to premiere Sunday, July 12th at 9:00 PM on Showtime, followed by Masters of Sex at 10:00 PM. But you don’t have to wait this long. Find the Showtime Series channel in the Trending section of Flipps and watch the premiere episodes now.

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Don’t miss a single breaking story with Flipps and Newzulu

Staying informed about the world around you is important. That’s why we’re so excited to announce our partnership with Newzulu International – a groundbreaking news platform with a community of over 150,000 professional and citizen journalists. The folks at Newzulu are all about exclusive, verified, eyewitness content from citizen reporters worldwide.

What does that mean for you, Flipps viewer? Two new channels have been added to the Flipps lineup: Newzulu and Boomzulu. Newzulu is committed to engaging local communities in the news-gathering process. Its reporters span the globe and work together to report news and communicate scoops in real time – breaking news to the world as it happens, and providing viewers with the chance to see the stories right through the reporter’s lens. Newzulu has established bureaus in Sydney, Paris, London, New York, LA, Toronto, Montréal and New Delhi, and has formed partnerships with some of the world’s largest and most prestigious press associations.


Celebrity trends and entertainment more your thing? Boomzulu is a revolutionary, crowd-sourced entertainment news source, based on in-house and freelance reporting, as well as eyewitness and social content from around the globe. There, you’ll get breaking gossip, celebrity and Hollywood news straight from the community.

So check out the Newzulu and Boomzulu channels on Flipps and stream all the latest on your phone or big-screen TV.

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